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2023 Home Décor Guide

2023 Home Décor Guide

Finding the balance between timeless designs and modern trends can be tricky, but it’s worth it. Once you know how to use trends to update your existing decor, you can keep your interior fresh without needing to start from scratch every time.

To help you design a stylish home you adore, we’ve analyzed interior design trends and singled out a few key pointers you’ll see a lot of in the new year.

Here is your guide to incorporating 2023 home decor trends in your home.

Balancing Less And More

Mega minimalism isn’t at the height of the most popular design trends anymore, but the design world hasn’t let go of some of its core concepts. Modern home decor trends will find a balance between fewer items and more value.

The simplicity of 2023 home design lies in the intention behind each item. Borrowing from minimalism, the idea is to limit the number of items that don’t serve a purpose. It splits from its minimalistic routes by then emphasizing the need for personality in home designs. This means allowing and celebrating odd inherited furniture, items that hold memories, or art that makes you feel something deeply, even if the style doesn’t “match” on paper. The result is warm and dazzling with unique charms and touches.

Considering The Home As Your Habitat

Many workplaces and professions are moving towards work-from-home setups. With so much time spent in the home, a homeowner’s view has shifted; instead of a dumping ground for their belongings, homes are sacred spaces of rest and connection.

When designing any room in your home, it’s important to consider the effect of each item. Luxury furniture may cost more, but it aids in relaxation and comfort and is built to last. Adding extra seating around your kitchen island may seem like squeezing too many chairs in, but it allows for more time spent with family. Consider how you want to feel at home and choose furniture and decor that creates that feeling.

Finding Harmony With Nature

As more homes move closer towards eco-conscious design, you’ll see greener materials used throughout each one. Homeowners crave a closeness with nature that can’t be replicated with synthetic materials and artificial textures.

By combining organic materials with flowing outlines, home decor in 2023 will be marked by its sense of harmony and serenity. Organic materials such as wood, linen fabrics, and stone all add texture to the room and create a grounded feeling.

Using Hobbies As Decor

More and more people are embracing their unique interests and genuine enjoyment in activities, shows, or games. Instead of hiding these talents with cookie-cutter room designs, homeowners are celebrating them by using their families' hobbies as decor inspiration.

You could hang abstract landscape portraits to pay tribute to your last family vacation or use shell-shaped lamps and soaps to reflect your child’s deep love for the ocean. Another way to incorporate interests into your decor is to find your bedroom’s color scheme in the colors of your hobby. This trend results in a home filled with personality that gives guests a glimpse into you and your family’s vibrant lives.

Getting Gritty With Color

Color palettes are getting moodier in 2023. Many homes will start adding deeper color tones to their interiors, adding depth to rooms with mostly light and bright elements. Muted deep reds, browns, and greens are becoming incredibly popular. People steered clear of red for a while but have begun embracing its regal nature. Green and brown tones both highlight natural materials and nature-inspired aspects of your interiors.

You can incorporate these soulful tones through rugs, throw pillows, curtains, vases, and other table decor pieces. These tones are also common in traditional furniture designs. If you add one dark item to a room, make sure to add a few other touches of its color to the space to keep it feeling balanced and planned.

Find Your 2023 Home Decor Pieces in South Florida

With these guidance points, you’ll be able to put together a gorgeous home interior that shines with personality and effortless style. By prioritizing your tastes and preferences, it’s easy to take trends and make them entirely your own.

Designer’s Mark has been servicing the homes of South Florida for 30 years, and we only plan to do more in 2023. With our understanding of the changes in home decor trends, we can guide you and inspire you to design a home you and your family adore.

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