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During the summer months, you and your family undoubtedly enjoy the back patio (provided you have one) and/or your yard. To maximize the protection from the scorching sun’s heat, many families install awnings over their patios, porches, decks, etc. To extend your outdoor living space, one of the most inexpensive ways is through the use of a residential awning over an exterior area of your home.

But some awnings do more than just protect your patio from the sun. No longer will a sudden shower or the blazing sun chase you indoors once you install an awning!

Perfect for All Homes

Even standard awnings have water repellent qualities, so in the case of a light shower, you will still be provided excellent coverage by a retractable awning. A 14° pitch is the best approach to encourage rainwater runoff and maximize your awning’s ability.

You can enjoy full shade, partial shade, and maneuver around your patio clear and free of any poles when you have a retractable awning. Retractable awnings come with either a motorized system or a hand crank for manual operation.

Save Energy with An Awning

Because your home will stand out from the rest on your block, the value of your home could well increase by having awnings installed. They add personality and charm to your home. They can make something extraordinary from the plain façade of a basic home. Not only can a deck or patio be beautified and protected by awnings, they can also, while keeping you cool, reduce energy costs.

During the hot summer months, your home can be kept cooler by awnings, adding to their appeal. Because they decrease the amount of heat filtering inside of your home, they can also assist in reducing air conditioning costs. Sometimes by as much as 77%! Through your windows, they can reduce glare and sunlight by 94%. Additionally, because your home’s interior belongings will not be sun bleached, they protect interior furnishings as well.

Why Install Awnings?

Where do you suppose your house loses the most cooling energy? Answer: Through windows and glass doors, more than any other part of your house, energy seeps away. Your home’s cooling energy loss can be significantly lowered – if not prevented – by the installation of awnings over windows and large sliding glass doors.

In addition to saving money on energy bills, you’re helping the environment. Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced thanks to the reduction in cooling energy costs. For any room that generates excessive heat, retractable awnings are ideal when the sun’s extreme temperatures try to wreak havoc.

Where to Find Top Quality Awnings and Other Shade Providers

At Anchor Industries Inc., we carry both residential and commercial awnings, pool covers, tents of different kinds, and all the accessories that go with them. We are a family owned business that provides high-quality products.

Find your sales rep on our interactive map to contact us about our service, products, and more.

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