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China Vervo Valve Manufacturer Co., Ltd

Position: manager

Category: Shopping

China Vervo Valve Co., Ltd is, a professional valves manufacturer, your trusted partner for industrial valves. https://www.vervovalve.com

Li Shui Shi, Zhe Jiang Sheng, 323006, China

Ningbo Ailin Electronic Commerce Co., LTD

Position: Owner

In 2003, FRUITEAM was established. At the beginning of the establishment, designers with decades of experience has been at the core of our innovation team for decades. As

Ning Bo Shi, Zhe Jiang Sheng, 315036, China


OTTOMMO Casting is a precision casting China and foundry in China. We have been dedicated to provide cheap but quality castings for years all over the world. 

Ningbo, Zhe Jiang Sheng, China


https://ottommo.com/investment-casting/ OTTOMMO Casting started as a lost wax casting foundry. We know the details of this metal-forming technique and deliver cheap but

Ningbo, Zhe Jiang Sheng, China

Ningbo Jewish Center - Chabad - Jewish Community Center - Ningbo China

Category: Faith & Religion

Ningbo, Zhe Jiang Sheng, 31500, China

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