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Posted 04/15/2024 in Travel by LK Holidays

Plan your trip with Vietnam Tour Packages

Plan your trip with Vietnam Tour Packages

Thinking of a holiday trip? Confused with multiple travel packages? Look no further and connect with LK Holiday, the best tour and travel agency in Vietnam. 


Vietnam is an incredible international destination, it amuses you with exotic beaches and picturesque mountains. Vietnam has the inclusion of multiple UNESCO World Heritage sites. A place where you can have the memory of a lifetime with your friends and family.

Here is a list of important questions and details that you would like to know before choosing the Vietnam holiday packages from India


Where is Vietnam?

Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country located below China and beside Thailand. 

What is the Time Difference between Vietnam and India?

Vietnam is 1.5 hrs ahead of India which means if the time in Vietnam is 3:00 pm then Indian time would be 1:30 pm.

How expensive is Vietnam?

Vietnam is not super expensive for Indians. It’s affordable. The currency used in Vietnam is Dong. So, 1 Indian rupee equals 300 dongs. You must be thinking it's pretty amazing. But the real scenario is that a bottle costs here 20,000 dongs which would be 60 rupees in India. 

For more such details contact the tour agency in Vietnam and have a happy and comfortable stay in the country.


What is the schedule of flights for Vietnam? 

One can find direct flights from India to Vietnam in Vietnam Tour Packages. You can catch your flight from Delhi and Bangalore to popular cities in Vietnam. The duration for reaching Vietnam is 5 hours. 


How can I avail the facility of a SIM card/ Internet?

As soon as you reach Vietnam, you can have sim cards from Vietnam airport kiosks, the sim cards are at pretty good deals. The sim card has adequate talk time and internet facility in it.

We are your trusted travel partner. Connect any time for inquiries about Vietnam tour package from India

How do I exchange my currency?

Both dongs and dollars are used in Vietnam. So, you can get your Indian currency exchanged to dollars and dongs at an airport kiosk with 0 commission charges.

Important Points to Keep in Mind Before Visiting Vietnam

  • Vietnam is a clean country, so don’t litter here and there. 
  • The locals of the country are friendly and cooperative.  
  • Dress appropriately while visiting temples or pagodas. 


Book Vietnam Holiday Packages and have a great holiday time. Because we ensure your safety and convenience. With arrangements of hotel to flight bookings, we are there with you at each step. 

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