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Email Marketing Agency

Results-driven full-service email marketing templates, campaigns, and management.

AiLOQ is a renowned advertising agency and digital business directory with unique insight into the actionable content and strategies that lead to more customer engagement through email marketing. We work with everything from optimizing transactional emails to crafting highly attractive brand story email series.

Reach out to our team today to begin developing your online marketing strategy by calling us at 1-212-457-1760 or Toll-Free at 1-877-438-4049.

Email Marketing Features

Our professional team will leverage automated and personalized marketing emails to enhance your customer touchpoints.

High ROI

Email marketing is still one of the best low-cost methods of reaching your customers with direct calls to action. There are no postage or TV fees, and you get to track everything from how many clients open your emails to what demographics to target next.

Targeted Messaging

We use our unified digital marketing platform to target everyone from cold leads to those customers you want to convert to loyal brand ambassadors. Email marketing campaigns can be easily segmented depending on the intent and audience you wish to utilize.

Comprehensive Metrics

One of the best advantages of email marketing is that it is extremely easy to scale. You get real-time updates of CTRs, conversion rates, and how to spot where a campaign can be improved to increase your ROI.

Global Audience Sharing

Emails are an excellent resource for forwarding to your friends, family, coworkers, and peers. Our team knows how to craft those engaging messages that are most likely to get shared into the ecosystem of your client.



Get an Instant Impact on the Audience You Want

Email marketing is the most assured method of reaching your audience where they are the most - in their email. Traditional marketing has to wait on when sales come in to track everything. Email marketing is almost instantaneous and amplifies your data-driven decision-making process. 


With AiLOQ, you get a budget-friendly solution to your email marketing campaigns leveraging one of the most well-known global digital business directories. We know how to seize the various opportunities in emails that grow traffic, target high-value audiences, reduce acquisition cost and boost all-around revenue. 


Stop reinventing the marketing wheel and take advantage of our industry experience and knowledge. 

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