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Google Advertising

Our powerful digital marketing platform boosts your paid Google search conversions.

AiLOQ’s digital business directory thrives on the ability to leverage every piece of the Google search engine and platform. That is how you know you are working with professional team members. We use proven ad management strategies to lower the cost per conversion while improving your lead acquisition and brand awareness online.

Reach out to our team today to begin developing your online marketing strategy by calling us at 1-212-457-1760 or Toll-Free at 1-877-438-4049.

Google Advertising Features

Professional ads management experts are ready to make your paid search marketing campaigns a success.

Keyword Research

Discover the best keywords and phrases to leverage while using modern tools and competitor analysis for growth potential. This helps us craft Google Ads campaigns that drive higher sales, visitors, and engagement while keeping your budget ROI positive.

Detailed Reporting

Google Ads takes very little investment to test and get operable, but the budget can get out of hand quickly if you or your team overreacts to data. That is why we use custom reporting that clearly explains your ad spend.

Google Business Profile

Everything about your Google Ad experience is accelerated by a quality Google Business Profile page. This is the easiest way to get higher local and above-the-fold visibility whenever your customers search for your brand or a similar keyword. 

Positive Maintenance

Google Ads takes time to analyze and adjust. This is not a sprint to capture a high number of new leads in a 24 hour period. This is a marathon that ends when your customer engagement continues to grow. 



Cost-Effective and Engaging Ads Campaigns

AiLOQ’s advertising agency and digital marketing platform are designed specifically for the online marketplace. We are an agile team of experts using modern tools to properly measure how the market will move next. This helps us shift your scalable Google Ads campaign when necessary. 


It does not matter if you are using images or text-only ads. We work hard to create converting content based on quality keyword searches. We take an active role in managing your campaigns with full transparency, so you have real-time updates on any metrics. By building a comprehensive brand identity that includes your Google Business Profile page and routine posts to boost your page rank, we elevate your Google advertising capabilities. 


Let our team transform your next ad campaign with a custom Google advertising strategy. 

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