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Mossad Investigations & Security Corporation 1453 44th St, Brooklyn, NY 11219, USA
Start Date 11/18/2020
Unpaid Full-Time
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Mossad Investigations & Security Corporation and Guards On Demand are fast

becoming two of New York’s premiere protection companies for people and

businesses. Now, we’re expanding and looking to employ the best people

to work with us. This ad has been placed to attract ACCOUNT

MANAGERS, preferably with experience and clients in this field, but we will

also consider qualified applicants. Please reply only if the following

information applies to you.

The people with the most success as ACCOUNT MANAGERS usually

excel if they possess excellent communication skills combined with a high

level of commitment to our company and their clients. These professionals

are the vital link between the company and clients. They can figure out the

best way to meet the objectives of the company and their clients. They can

answer clients’ questions and will work hard and smart to resolve any

problems that may arise.

Unlike salespeople whose focus is typically to just bring in new business,

it’s the ACCOUNT MANAGER’S responsibility to ensure that all is done to

retain the client and keep the client satisfied. Making that happen involves

duties that may include:

 Being the liaison between the client and the company to relate

information, ensure better understanding, and to ensure that all that

needs to be done, is done, as correctly and quickly as possible

 Advising the client about other, or new company services or actions

that may benefit them

 Tracking the client’s budget, explaining costs if questions arise and

adjusting prices or term, so long as it’s mutually beneficial to the

client and company and with management final approval

 Keeping up to date on industry changes and competitor actions which

might impact the client and therefore their relationship with the


 Creating or completing progress reports for both clients and company


 Possibly instructing other company employees on how best to

manage the client.

To best achieve these ACCOUNT MANAGER responsibilities, certain

established skills are often required for success. They may include the


 Multitask

 Attend to detail

 Communicate very well, both verbally and in writing

 Emote sincere empathy and provide emotional intelligence

 Listen attentively

 Negotiate

 Solve problems

 Think strategically

Yes, we’re asking for a lot. Demanding it, in fact. But we do so on behalf

of our ongoing commitment clients to be the best we can be. We’re very

confident that the compensation and benefits packages offered to the right

individuals for our businesses will be extremely satisfying to them.

KEEP IN MIND… experienced ACCOUNT MANAGERS who can take their

accounts with them will receive the very highest compensation possible.

Speak with somebody, in total confidence, about your particular situation.

Perhaps, we can offer you a better opportunity.

Before replying, take a look at our websites to better know what we’re






Ready now? Contact 1.718 438 4260 to learn more.

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Member since 08/28/2020

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Contact This Member

1453 44th St, Brooklyn, NY 11219, USA

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