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With our Premium Membership, you get all the benefits of our free membership level, plus a far more robust listing that includes the details you need to further your business growth. You’ll gain access to 8 sub-level categories of listings and publishing potential to increase your lead management and retention. This higher efficiency and visibility lends itself to higher sales numbers. With our Premium level, you can gain control of your profile appearance as well as the ability to manage reviews and ratings, so you’ll be put in the driver’s seat of your public persona. Sign up today at the monthly level, or prepare for a discount. The power of your next premium listings begins when you click “Select Plan.”.

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Premium Membership

Key features of this package include

Your Own Mini Site

Instant Listing

Multiple Top Category and Subcategory Options

Booking App

Link to Your Website

Add Phone Number

Social Media Integration

Business Highlights

Hour of Operations

Lead Generation

Profile Statistics

Free QR Code

Searchable Listing

Review and Rating Management

Bookmark Favorites

Initiate new discussions or participate in existing ones

Comment on any post

Unlimited Posting for Classifieds, Community Articles, Coupons, Events, Job Listings, Photo Albums, Products, Properties, Audio Library, Top-Rated Services, Videos Library, and Website Blog Articles

Get Premium Membership

In addition, the Brand Booster Enterprise Mini Website package also integrates InfinityBooking, offering members access to a comprehensive appointment and service booking solution that can be customized to meet their specific needs.

Some of the key benefits of this integration include:

A comprehensive appointment and service booking solution

The ability to accept online payments and run your business immediately

Staff and client portals for simplifying appointment booking and business management

The ability to create audio or video appointment pages for improved conversions and sales

One-on-one and group meeting appointments for managing large audiences

Get Premium Membership

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Premium Membership

The Premium Membership is a comprehensive online presence solution for businesses.
The Premium Membership includes a custom mini-website, instant listing, multiple top category and subcategory options, a link to your website, phone number, social media integration, business highlights, hours of operation, lead generation, profile statistics, a free QR code, searchable listing, review and rating management, bookmarking favorites, and unlimited posting options for classifieds, community articles, coupons, events, job listings, photo albums, products, properties, Audio Library, top-rated services, videos library, and website blog articles.
Yes, you can customize your mini-website to match your brand and style. You can choose the design, color scheme, and add your own logo, images, and content.
The Premium Membership is suitable for businesses of all sizes, but it may be more beneficial for larger businesses that need a comprehensive online presence solution and advanced marketing and networking tools. Smaller businesses may prefer to start with the Basic Free Package and upgrade to the Brand Booster Enterprise Mini Website package as their business grows.