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Posted 05/26/2024 in Appliance

26' x 20' Rectangle Shade Sail

$308.99 New

About 26′ x 20′ Rectangle Shade Sails

The 26′ x 20′ rectangular shade sail is an effective method of shading. It can be used in many situations, such as gardens, entryways, children’s play areas, patios, swimming pools, etc. Rectangular shade sails are lightweight and easy to use. Besides rectangular shade sails, we also offer square shade.

Note: When establishing your shade sail’s lower points, make sure they are suitable for water run-off. Please pay attention that the sail canopy only takes drizzle and breeze! Please do not use it in rough weather to keep your shade sails have a long-rated life. BTW, it is not waterproof.


  • Hyperbolic Style. For a Hyperbolic style effect, we recommend constructing your rectangle shade sails with two ends at a low point diagonally and the other two at higher points.
  • Greater Shade Range. The large size of the rectangular shade sails provides a large shade range and can be used as a carport canopy to block UV rays from your car.
  • Multiple Color Options. Let your choice diversify, whether you want to fit the overall style of the home or outdoor restaurant use is perfect.
  • Insulation From Weather Effects. These rectangular sun shades can block out 98% of UV rays and sun blockage, providing shade capable of cooling down by 20 degrees. Allowing you to stay relaxed and cool in the summer without worrying about sunburn and skin damage.

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